Tom Tousignant

Regional Manager for Fairway of the Carolinas and Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, Tom Tousignant, has been in the mortgage industry for over ten years. As a 22-year veteran and former F-16 pilot in the US Air Force, and Pilot at US Airways, Tom adapts to change well, skillfully calculates risks and makes fast decisions. Tom’s better half is Kathy who teaches dance at her studio, Gift of Dance School. They live Waxhaw with their three of their four teenage children (eldest daughter, Sarah, attends college at UNCW.)

Tom is dedicated to helping homeowners reach their financial goals through proper financial planning. He has taken the lessons he learned as a U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighter Pilot and adapted them to help homeowners succeed. Tom says, “When you plan for the big stuff, like enemy fighters, Surface to Air Missiles, and bad weather, things like smooth landings come easily. Likewise, when you plan for the “big stuff” of homeownership like obtaining the right mortgage closed on time and with no surprises, it comes easily, too.”

As Branch Manager, Tom’s sole goal is to provide his employees with the right tools so that, as a team, they can provide clients with a plan for their home loan. Those tools help buyers increase their financial safety and net worth, while reducing the money they spend on interest and taxes. Tom added, “My focus is on creating systems so the Mortgage Professionals here can exceed their goals in a low-stress, high productivity environment. We use the latest technology and tools to help our loan officers excel.”